The Importance of Friendships For Healthy Aging

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Common factors that promote healthy aging are exercising, eating and sleeping right, and having a right mental attitude towards aging itself. However, most seniors will not have the privilege of having a strong social support system. As you get older, things inevitably change for one’s social circles, and the people that you grew up with, be it childhood friends, family, co-workers, etc. are no longer as available as they were, either because they’ve moved to different parts of their life, or don’t have time to connect with you, or have passed on. 

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Challenges for Seniors Using Technology

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Technology has driven a variety of trends which has become an integral part of people’s daily lives. Most technology that is designed for communication is focused enhancing one’s self-reliance, life enrichment and even health and safety. At a touch of a button or two, anyone can instantaneously make a video call with family and friends through Skype, wear a watch that tracks one’s heart rate, or use a tablet to read a book or make a purchase.

While all this may seem like an ordinary convenience for the younger generation, seniors on the other hand find themselves posited with various challenges with technology, especially when we are in an age where it rapidly develops and advances every day.

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Breaking Down Common Home Care Myths

Myths vs. the Facts about In-Home Care - Ella Home Care

Home care refers to a type of nursing care service that is provided in the living quarters of the patient. The recipients of this type of care ranges from aged people, chronically ill, recovering from surgery, or disabled. Unfortunately, there are many myths surrounding this type of care even though these care services are readily available. 

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