Geriatric Diet – Maintaining a Balance (Part 3)

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Sufficient nutrition and a balanced diet can do wonders in keeping the elderly healthy. But eating ‘healthy’ is easier said than done. Keeping a balanced diet that meets all the recommended nutritional criteria may be daunting if one is unaware how to properly balance the essentials in a diet to match their ageing selves.

This article offers some tips for maintaining a healthy geriatric diet.  

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Geriatric Diet – Vitamins and Minerals (Part 2)

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A well-balanced diet comprises major nutrients from a variety of food sources. Vitamins and minerals on the other hand, which form part of the nutrients are only required in small portions by the body. Nevertheless, they are important in  maintaining the immune system, healing injuries, and regulating metabolism in the body. This is particularly important amongst the elderly as they are unable to produce nor absorb nutrients as effectively.

This article focuses on the importance of vitamins and minerals as well as the food sources.  

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Geriatric Diet – Nutrients (Part 1)

Elderly Nutrition 101: 10 Foods To Keep You Healthy -

When our bodies get older, we begin to experience a variety of changes due to nutrient deficiencies, decreased quality of life and poor health. This is due to the decline of one’s lean body mass and basal metabolism, which in turn causes a reduction in energy requirements. Although this is a natural process of ageing, there is an inherent risk of one become susceptible to loss in appetite and that could lead to malnutrition. This in turn could lead to more complications to the ageing body.

Hence, it is important to monitor the dietary intake of the elderly. This article focuses on the essential nutrients to stay healthy, not only for the geriatrics but also the general populous.

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Common Health Issues Amongst the Elderly (Part 2)

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As one ages, the probability of physical limitations increases as well from our vision, hearing, energy levels, and immune systems begin to deteriorate slowly, and it also leads to a further reduction in one’s mobility and ability in everyday life to function independently as we become increasingly at risk for diseases.

The article is a follow up of the previous article under the similar title where it shows several diseases that the elderly may experience as they age.

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Common Health Issues Amongst the Elderly (Part 1)

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Aging is a progressive, gradual cycle of biological change starting in early adulthood, which results over time from the body’s impact of accumulating a wide range of molecular and cellular damage, and as a result bodily functions will start to decline slowly, particularly after one has reached their middle age period. This results in a steady deterioration in physical and mental capacity, increased risk of illness, and eventually death.

This article then discusses some of the more common risks of illnesses and diseases associated with ageing.   

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Caregivers: Handling The COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges to the elderly care sector that employs millions of people worldwide.  The job of the caregiver then, in addition to the routine responsibilities of feeding, dressing, providing physical therapy wound treatment, amongst others, has escalated given new health and safety concerns.

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Malaysia’s Elderly Care Industry Today

Elderly will outnumber those below 15 in Malaysia after 2045

The world is experiencing an ageing phenomenon where the population of the elderly continues to escalate at an increasing rate. Malaysia is no exception. Of the country’s estimated population of 33 million citizens, 2.26 million are 65 years old and above. Statistics have shown that these numbers will rise to 6.3 million by 2040, which covers approximately 20 per cent of the population.

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Elderly Care: Gaining Prominence

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The continued escalation of the ageing population and corresponding demand for elderly care services globally is expected to drive the growth of the elderly care services sector at an unprecedented rate. 

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