Social Wellness and Seniors

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As we become older, almost every part of our lives will change. Our loved ones may move away, friends may pass on, and certain health issues may make it difficult to completely enjoy our pastimes. Many of life’s events can eventually begin to take their toll on us if we don’t have a strong support system of friends and family in place. This can lead to a downward spiral of loneliness and isolation.

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Varieties of Aphasia

Aphasia is a condition that affects language. It occurs when parts of the brain involved with language and communication are damaged. People who have aphasia can have trouble with things like speaking, reading, or listening. It often comes on suddenly, due to something like a head injury or stroke and may also develop slowly over time from diseases like a tumour or a degenerative neurological condition.

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Senior Oral Health: What to Know

Senior Dental Care: 7 Surprising Dangers of Poor Dental Health

There have been numerous advancements in the world of oral health over the last few decades, from increased education on the importance of dental care to the ever-evolving technology utilized for dental care. However, we cannot stop aging from altering our teeth and gums as we age. Teeth begin to darken because of changes to dentin – tissue below the enamel that makes up the tooth itself – while the mouth becomes dry due to reduced saliva flow. Years of chewing also take their toll, causing enamel to break down over time.

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Getting Your COVID Vaccinations

Malaysia sets up compensation fund for Covid-19 vaccination | The Edge  Markets

We are almost halfway through 2021, and our collective struggles against the COVID-19 virus can be summed up between worrying and tedious, and we have just recently entered yet another Movement Control Order (MCO), due to sharp spikes in COVID cases again.

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Dealing With Heart Attack

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The heart is a living muscle that is charged with pumping blood throughout the entire circulatory system, and when compared to other muscle in the human body it is very reflective of how the person takes care of themselves in terms of their diet, lifestyle and overall health.  

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