KUALA LUMPUR, 26 September 2020 – In conjunction with the International Day of Older Persons (which is celebrated on 1 Oct), Agecare Sdn Bhd (“Agecare”), a holistic nursing and elderly care centre, celebrated the occasion today as part of its efforts to create greater awareness of the sector as well as recognize the contributions by the elderly community.

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Ways To Honor and Respect Elderly

Poems to Honor the Elderly | LoveToKnow

Throughout many people’s childhood and teen years, they often hear the phrase “Respect and honour your elders,” it becomes etched on their brains. This feeling applies to our relationship to those who came before us, and rightfully so. The lives we enjoy come as a result of those who have lived through a generation before us, and more specifically, gave birth to and raised us. Even where one may disagree with their elders, their experiences and lives are at the very least worth paying due regard to because with it comes lessons that can be handed down.

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Cultures That Celebrate The Elderly

5 Cultures Who Celebrate Old Age: What We Can Learn from Them

The process of aging has strong ties to many cultures across the world. Different cultures have different attitudes and practices around aging and death, and these cultural perspectives can have a huge effect on our experience of getting older. Here’s what we can learn from other cultures, both past and present, about embracing the aging process.

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What Is International Day of Older Persons?

The International Day of Older Persons will be celebrated on 1 October 2020 – an annual affair designed to not only recognize the contributions of our elders but also to educate and raise awareness about the growing challenges affecting the elderly society.      

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Diabetes In Seniors

How To Control Diabetes - Foods, Diet, Blood Testing & Motivation

Diabetes is a dangerous disease that runs rampant among the senior population. It’s recorded that at least sixty-five percent of all people with diabetes will die due to complications that develop in organs and tissues in the body over a long period of time of having the disease.

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Dementia in Elderly Patients

The Dementia darnings by Jenny Dutton | Memory artwork, Collage ...

When a loved one begins to show signs of diminishing cognitive and emotional functions, it is usually a sign of dementia. According to statistics, someone in the world develops dementia every 3 seconds. It is estimated that over 75 million people worldwide will fall victim to this condition, which is one of the major causes of disability and dependency among older peoples. It can be quite demanding not only for the people who contract dementia but also for their loved ones.

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Nursing Homes versus Care Homes

Problems With Nursing Homes - Business Insider

Nursing homes and care homes are important when one is considering senior care living. But because the terms are often used interchangeably, there’s a lot of confusion about nursing homes and care homes.

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When Do You Need A Caregiver?

Elder man is sitting alone thinking about troubles: thoughtful ...

When it comes to making a decision to be the primary person to care for our loved ones, most people are left without choices.

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Don’t Let Complacency Set In

It is an established fact that Malaysia has done very well in containing the COVID-19 virus, thanks to both the governmental bodies of mandating effective precautionary measures and coordinating its health departments to properly handle positive cases at its door and throughout the country.

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How Are Older People Surviving The COVID-19 Pandemic?

How the fatality rate of Coronavirus changes with age | World ...

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many reports and studies have proven that the severity of the COVID-19 virus rises with age. For both physical and social reasons, elders are more likely to be stuck put in institutionalized settings for their personal safeties. However, debates and discussions on how various countries are handling their elderly citizens in the wake of the virus continue to flurry.

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Considering Live-In Care During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Getting good residential care home is postcode lottery, research ...

The risk of being afflicted with diseases gradually increases with age. This is especially important now that we are experiencing the COVID-19 outbreak, as evidence has shown that both elders and people with underlying medical conditions are most susceptible to being infected.

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Embracing Aging With Grace

Old man watching sunset | La Reunion island | Hendrix Baby | Flickr

Aging is an unavoidable process of life, and it is a reminder that our lives as humans, no less than any other living being, are finite. However, most people seem discouraged from accepting this fact, given the fact that they are highly preoccupied towards notions of staying as youthful as possible.

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Malaysians: Why Is A Nursing Home Necessary For Elders?

Malaysia needs laws to protect rights of elderly | HAKAM

Malaysia’s elderly population hit an all-time peak in 2020, making Malaysia a member of other aging nations worldwide. When a growing number of Malaysians progress into their old age, they will require greater support in their daily routines.

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What to Look For In Elderly Care Services (Part 2)

Why India Needs to Focus on Elder Care Services

As much as we want our parents or loved seniors to have a safe, comfortable and self-sufficient lifestyle, reality often speaks otherwise, particularly when our loved seniors become incapacitated. This is when the elder care services come into the picture. While considering elder care services as an option, it’s equally important to understand the type of services best suited for your loved ones (elders).

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What to Look For In Elderly Care Services (Part 1)

Helping Elderly Adults With Money Matters - Golden Heart Senior ...

Elderly care providers aim to ease the aging process for both seniors and their families.  But getting the right type of suitable care for our elders can be challenging. We have to recognise their needs. Do our elders need assistance in self-care and everyday tasks or require live-in care? Are they able to move themselves or not? Do they have pre-existing health conditions that require routine checks and medications? All these and more will come into consideration when selecting the right elderly care centre.

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Geriatric Diet – Maintaining a Balance (Part 3)

Tipping the Balance toward Moderation – Kerry Health And Nutrition ...

Sufficient nutrition and a balanced diet can do wonders in keeping the elderly healthy. But eating ‘healthy’ is easier said than done. Keeping a balanced diet that meets all the recommended nutritional criteria may be daunting if one is unaware how to properly balance the essentials in a diet to match their ageing selves.

This article offers some tips for maintaining a healthy geriatric diet.  

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Geriatric Diet – Vitamins and Minerals (Part 2)

Vitamins and Minerals Fact Sheets — International Food Information ...

A well-balanced diet comprises major nutrients from a variety of food sources. Vitamins and minerals on the other hand, which form part of the nutrients are only required in small portions by the body. Nevertheless, they are important in  maintaining the immune system, healing injuries, and regulating metabolism in the body. This is particularly important amongst the elderly as they are unable to produce nor absorb nutrients as effectively.

This article focuses on the importance of vitamins and minerals as well as the food sources.  

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Geriatric Diet – Nutrients (Part 1)

Elderly Nutrition 101: 10 Foods To Keep You Healthy -

When our bodies get older, we begin to experience a variety of changes due to nutrient deficiencies, decreased quality of life and poor health. This is due to the decline of one’s lean body mass and basal metabolism, which in turn causes a reduction in energy requirements. Although this is a natural process of ageing, there is an inherent risk of one become susceptible to loss in appetite and that could lead to malnutrition. This in turn could lead to more complications to the ageing body.

Hence, it is important to monitor the dietary intake of the elderly. This article focuses on the essential nutrients to stay healthy, not only for the geriatrics but also the general populous.

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Common Health Issues Amongst the Elderly (Part 2)

Five Tips for Managing Senior Stress (and Why It's Important ...

As one ages, the probability of physical limitations increases as well from our vision, hearing, energy levels, and immune systems begin to deteriorate slowly, and it also leads to a further reduction in one’s mobility and ability in everyday life to function independently as we become increasingly at risk for diseases.

The article is a follow up of the previous article under the similar title where it shows several diseases that the elderly may experience as they age.

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Common Health Issues Amongst the Elderly (Part 1)

Elderly woman suffering from migraine | Free Photo

Aging is a progressive, gradual cycle of biological change starting in early adulthood, which results over time from the body’s impact of accumulating a wide range of molecular and cellular damage, and as a result bodily functions will start to decline slowly, particularly after one has reached their middle age period. This results in a steady deterioration in physical and mental capacity, increased risk of illness, and eventually death.

This article then discusses some of the more common risks of illnesses and diseases associated with ageing.   

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Caregivers: Handling The COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus and COVID-19: Caregiving for the Elderly | Johns ...

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges to the elderly care sector that employs millions of people worldwide.  The job of the caregiver then, in addition to the routine responsibilities of feeding, dressing, providing physical therapy wound treatment, amongst others, has escalated given new health and safety concerns.

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Malaysia’s Elderly Care Industry Today

Elderly will outnumber those below 15 in Malaysia after 2045

The world is experiencing an ageing phenomenon where the population of the elderly continues to escalate at an increasing rate. Malaysia is no exception. Of the country’s estimated population of 33 million citizens, 2.26 million are 65 years old and above. Statistics have shown that these numbers will rise to 6.3 million by 2040, which covers approximately 20 per cent of the population.

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Elderly Care: Gaining Prominence

Caregiver Resources | Cigna

The continued escalation of the ageing population and corresponding demand for elderly care services globally is expected to drive the growth of the elderly care services sector at an unprecedented rate. 

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