What Is Ageism?

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Ageism is a prejudice against the elderly. The term was first coined in 1969 and is specifically defined as stereotyping and/or discrimination against individuals or groups on the basis of their age. It also functions as marginalization and social exclusion of elder people when compared to the younger generation, and become less valued, and relegated to a second-class status; where their needs and their lives are treated as if they do not matter to the rest of society.

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What You Can Do For Your Aging Parents Right Now

Many of us live a majority of our lives growing up with our parents. These years, as unassuming as they are, will pass by in a flash and exposes us towards realities of the future, when our parents become aged and we begin to shift our priorities in adulthood. Naturally during this process aging parents will not want to burden their loved ones, but many adult children will be at a crossroads, especially if both parent and child have not discussed about plans regarding the parent’s future.

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Reflection on 2020

2020 SUCKS - Posts | Facebook

It’s no secret that 2020 was an unpleasant year, stemming mainly from the aforementioned COVID-19 pandemic causing lockdowns, borders closing, economic fallouts, bankrupting businesses, and bringing plagues of stagnancy derailing once active societies worldwide.

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Don’t Let Complacency Set In

It is an established fact that Malaysia has done very well in containing the COVID-19 virus, thanks to both the governmental bodies of mandating effective precautionary measures and coordinating its health departments to properly handle positive cases at its door and throughout the country.

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Embracing Aging With Grace

Old man watching sunset | La Reunion island | Hendrix Baby | Flickr

Aging is an unavoidable process of life, and it is a reminder that our lives as humans, no less than any other living being, are finite. However, most people seem discouraged from accepting this fact, given the fact that they are highly preoccupied towards notions of staying as youthful as possible.

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Malaysians: Why Is A Nursing Home Necessary For Elders?

Malaysia needs laws to protect rights of elderly | HAKAM

Malaysia’s elderly population hit an all-time peak in 2020, making Malaysia a member of other aging nations worldwide. When a growing number of Malaysians progress into their old age, they will require greater support in their daily routines.

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