Why Seniors Need To Exercise

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As we age, our lives tend to slow down and become sedentary, due to various factors such as health problems, weight or pain issues which afflict many a senior. While the challenges of old age may restrict our daily activities, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a change to improve yourself to overcome said challenges. It is in this aspect that an active lifestyle becomes more important than ever to your health.

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Sleeping For Seniors

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Sleep habits tend to change as an individual ages. Many will find their patterns shifting irregularly between night and day, where they are prone to sleep earlier in the night, and wake up very early in the morning, and gradually it may be harder to fall asleep and you may spend more total time in bed.

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Stress Management in Seniors

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Stress is a part of life at any age. When you’re younger, daily stressors include things like managing and establishing your career, juggling your children and spouse’s schedules, and making sure your household is running smoothly. This is why so many people look forward to their retirement years where they have days full of possibility and relaxation. However, older adults still face stressful situations as they age. For instance, coping with the loss of a loved one. Or, some seniors worry about a possible decline in their health, mobility, and independence.

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What We Can Learn From Our Elders?

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We prefer to think of someone over 60 as ‘old’. This mentality is prominent in popular culture, where older individuals are often sidelined at jobs, disrespected on a regular basis, or neglected by families and society in general, and we don’t really view the wisdom and cumulative knowledge of others who have lived before us as something to be treasured and looked for.

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